The Israeli local market like to adopt new and braking  technologies.

CLOUDWAY was founded in 2016 with the expertise and passion of introducing new technologies to the Israeli market while building a solid Marketing platform to its vendors. Cloudway experience is based on more than 12 years of working in the Cyber security space including working and managing the largest Cyber security distribution companies (C-Data / Formerly TrekIT operation and Comsec LTD) in Israel representing vendors such as Checkpoint, F5, Fortinet and more. Our main enthusiasm is to be there for the vendors in its penetration stage where all fun is.


Hadar’s expertise and passion lie in introducing new technologies to new markets and building a solid Inbound Marketing machine. He specializes in building markets for new products. Hadar is a hard working professional, with a passion for customer safety.

Hadar Eshel



+972 (0) 528 7272 45

Oren’s passions lie in the field of product country management, approaching new customers and new resellers, and working very hard on demand generation on the field. He specializes in sales, sales operations, and accounting.

Oren Sabag



+972 (0) 526 0264 62

Rin Shavit

VP Sales


+972-(0) 54 9944 076

Rin has spent ten years in business development and strategic partner management. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic sales professional, with a wealth of knowledge in Sales & Partner management. Rin has a track record of growing businesses.

Salo Pomeranz

CyberSecurity Specialist 


+972-(0) 523 6532 27

Over 24 years of cumulative experience in computing and software technologies, 10 years senior management positions including leading organizations including: knowledge and experience in market-leading technologies , proven ability in developing and leading initiatives that bring an increased level of professionalism, knowledge and work experience under Regulation, project management of cyber security, with a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Liv Tzemah

Sales Development


+972-(0) 52 329 3353

Liv has a specialization in sales development & Marketing and has worked for a number of years as a Business Development Manager in the retail sector, helping a number of companies open doors.

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